ABLOY cylinder mechanisms, due to their unique construction and design, are particularly suited to master key suites, providing keyholding simplicity to often complex requirements.

An ABLOY Masterkeyed Suite refers to a system whereby the Masterkey will operate all the ABLOY locks within the suite, whilst Sub-Masterkeys will operate a group or an individual ABLOY lock within the suite. A unique feature of an ABLOY Masterkeyed suite, is that it allows you to include all different lock types for different applications within the same suite. These can include, amongst others - door locks, padlocks, drawer locks, electric locks, etc...

The simplest solution is a master key system with all locks operated by individual keys and an overriding master key operating all locks. Our solutions also encompass highly sophisticated key architecture, providing multi-level restriction with multiple master keys operating across many sites, overridden by a single grand master key.

The objectives of an ABLOY Masterkeyed Suite are to regulate the movement of employees within the system, whilst providing the convenience of each keyholder carrying only a single key. In order for these objectives to be met, it is vital that the ABLOY®Masterkeyed suite is designed properly, taking into account the current and future situation of the company in question. Abloy has many years' experience in designing large, complex Masterkeyed suites (often covering multiple buildings, sites and applications), meeting the specific, unique requirements of every company. Proper system design will ensure all objectives are met, as well as allow for growth of the system.

Keying Principles

Keyed alike -
one key opens many locks
Keyed different -
each key opens only one lock.
Central locking -
many keys open the same lock
each key opens only one lock, and there is a masterkey to open all the locks
Grand Masterkeying-
a grand system of many masterkeyed systems.
It may also have keyed alike and central locking components.
Rekeying -
the ABLOY discs and keys are changed in an existing lock body, (lost keys)



An excellent example is a telecommunications company who typically operate from their own buildings, parts of buildings occupied by others and external sites spread all over the country. Applications will include: external and internal doors, gates, manhole and duct covers, cabins, transmission towers and electronics cabinets.

ABLOY PROTEC has locks for all these situations and all can be incorporated into a master key suite to provide controlled but convenient access. External and internal doors will use cylinders from the extensive range, which can be combined with rim and mortice lockcases to give any required function. From a simple deadlock, to a sophisticated motor lock, all can be controlled by an ABLOY PROTEC master keyed cylinder.

Gates and fences, together with manhole covers and ducts will probably require padlocks and here, depending on the exact application or level of security required, padlocks from EN Grade 2 to Grade 6 can be chosen. All padlocks are suitable for use in the most severe conditions and most are re-keyable if the master keying requirement changes.

Even the small cabinets containing electronics can be secured from the range, with cam locks providing the solution.

So, whatever the application, ABLOY PROTEC can lock it. But with so many locations and locks, a master key system is essential for the smooth running of the business. The design stage is vital and the effective combination of security and convenience a crucial factor to consider at this stage. The expertise of our sales force is always at hand to assist with the planning. They will almost certainly advise that a simple, understandable but effective system will be most beneficial in the long term.

However, with so many combinations to base the system on, ABLOY PROTEC will provide exactly what is needed.